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Cannabis Strains

CBD Amnesia-Silver Haze
Strains with high CBD content are becoming more mainstream and the most medicinal buds available for pain relief, head aches and insomnia.
Hybrid Strains of Marijuana
Hybrids have started to dominate the market. With the crosses of Sativa and Indica leaning in both directions it makes it a desirable smoke through out the day.
The Indica's as a strain carry the heavier sedation (couchlock) affects and is better consumed when rest is needed and you have some down time to relax. Indica as a strain gives more of a body type high and is very good coupled with CBD's for insomnia.
Sativa Marijuana
The sativa plant typically carries the higher THC levels and will give you a more energetic, heady type high. Sativa are very good to use to medicate in the morning and will keep you energetic and motivated.